Admit it, we are all really papansin in many ways because if we weren’t, why do we have instagram, twitter and facebook? That’s basically the use of it…

Deny all you want but we all fall to papansin category. I mean, you wouldn’t post a hashtag selfie because of nothing. perhaps you felt beautiful that time so you had the need to capture your face and show it to everybody, or you have a new hair cut, or someone did your make up… whatever your reason is,  Isn’t that papansin? but that’s not my point… it’s all right to be papansin once in a while,  you felt beautiful that time, you had a haircut that is insta-worthy and nobody should be against that, right? it’s your so –called freedom. But the problem comes in if you do hashtag selfie day per day! you don’t want your followers to be like “HEYYYY, we know that’s how you look like, you don’t have to show that a LOT”  sabi nga nila, too much is nakakaumay.  Kahit ba you change your caption everyday with a different selfie photo, mukha mo pa din yan, pinaulit ulit mo lang… anong sense?


(Sad face photo) caption: I’m having a bad day, because chenelyn, but hey tomorrow is a new beginning. I love sundays ( the usual sad phrase at the start with positivity to end the sentence)

(Flabbergasted face): Caption: I feel so alive,  hello there sun!

(Angry Face) ; Caption: traffic all over ayala, couldn’t this day be  any worst?

(Ecstatic face) Caption: it’s Friday!

I’m like, are you trying to create a set of emoji of your face sa instagram?

I repeat it’s okay to hashtag selfie but not your entire move needs not to be captured.  That’s a different range of papansin na .. and what differentiates people sa instagram  from each other is some falls from a nakakairitang level of papansin already. I call them

 papan-SCENE! in tagalog, ma-eksena! You broadcast every inch of your emotion? Is it really necessary? But oh well, I still follow you; I like checking your profile so I can rant things that aren’t really necessary.  Parang tacsiyapo, nakakapagwala ako sa mga mabababang dahilan.

Long neck. ( yup, i’m bored) hashtag i need a new tvc project huhu

Long neck. ( yup, i’m bored) hashtag i need a new tvc project huhu

no explanation required

Nobody owns us.

I’m a strong believer that not everything you do needs an explanation. Cliché as it may sound; but we DON’T live to please anybody.

If you want a tattoo, get one. if you rather stay home, it’s okay to miss the gathering. If you’re gay, let it out. Whatever it is, don’t forget that you’re living for yourself. YOU don’t owe anyone an explanation for your choices or preferences. I mean judge as much as they want;  at least you know to yourself that you’re not one hell of a pretentious bitch who tries hard too much. 

Cursed – ten (Kristen)

Today is sorta hell for me, I mean it was supposedly a relax working day, one fucking chill day, but it wasn’t. I went to office for scheduled grading and completion of 5 project clearances ( na yung isa dun na complete ko na pero nalost ng accounting). Simple errands lang diba? However, as cursed as I stated on my blog title, my clearance for project A has a record of lost mac connector, for project b, there’s no fire wire 400 and firewire 800, for project C incomplete liquidation from the PM, however lucky for me, project D is finally complete after 2 fucking months of waiting for technical billings.  

Kamusta diba? What annoys me most is *something something that I’m not suppose to tell here because I can’t rant about them because it’s confidential* mahirap na Diyos “ata” sila eh, you can’t say anything. Dapat stoic lang ang peg. But anyway, as cursed as I am today, I am positive enough and hoping for better days ahead. I can’t wait for this day to end, I want to move on to my next project. kung mabibigyan. (no pun intended)

stress leave?

I’m beginning to think taking a break from work would be beneficial for me, I’m just not sure if it’ll help me from my other heavier problem tho. (I need to be busy with something, i just don’t know what) I need to fix myself, I need to be happy.  Like, besides the weight gain and soreness, I need to feel beautiful. All this depression is taking over me. We’re not even talking about mental issues, yeah, the fatigue and the “wanting to die all the time” thing gets really exhausting.

one cold beer pls. 

Here we go again…

Hayy, I just had to let this one out because I feel like I became too fucking emotional this year 2013.It’s almost mid year and I don’t see any life progress. It’s becoming a routine and I’m too burnt out already! Is it because I don’t have any cathartic release anymore? I mean, I already pushed myself away from friends, I barely see my family, I stopped seeking for adventure, I got fat and ugly… what’s even worst is I get mad as a hatter like all the time, with no apparent reason!  I honestly hate who I’ve become now. Sometimes, I just want to live somewhere I don’t know anyone and rest. For once, I want to be foreign and explore things without anyone bothering me or dictates me what’s wrong or right.

Right now, I feel like punching someone over and over or do firing and print photos of the people I loathe and make all those motherfucker my target! Basta, what I feel right now is I’m trapped in a cycle of trying to do my best and proving myself too much from people who doesn’t even give a single fuck. I don’t know how to end the cycle honestly… is resignation my option? Definitely… But what holds me back is that I’m too scared of looking weak, scared of starting new, scared of looking for another job and I just couldn’t see how to resolve my situation. It was like staring into an abyss. What holds me nalang siguro is I just know life will all just work itself out in the end. Patience, Kristen.

You don’t own me.

Hard work has a limit too, uhm, excuse me, not because I can do it, means I should tolerate what is happening… To tell you honestly, I’m not happy anymore, I just miss the old me. The old Kex who makes decision without holding back… I don’t know the exact reason why I’m still staying…onti na lang talaga, onti na lang ang pasensya ko. I hope, in time, I can figure this out, but for now tiis na lang muna :|

who said money can’t buy happiness?

Sure, money can’t buy you just happiness. It can however, solve the problems that take away your happiness.

I really hate the fact that finances control so much of our lives. I mean we can’t deny the fact that money plays such a huge part to us because if it isn’t that much important, why are we working then? for basic needs? NO! whoever says that is a hypocrite! 

I mean what else can make you happy, huh? 

movies = 180 bucks

food = not less than 150 bucks

TV = 15,000 for the cheapest brand

Internet = 1900 a month 

Stay at home= electric bills = still money

Hang out with friends = Transportation= not less than 100 pesos 

Travel= Oh don’t let me start computing!

Everything has a price tag,I tell you!  I mean what else doesn’t involve money? tell me? It sucks big time because if money is tight, it just doesn’t feel right! (okay, sorry for the lame intent of rhyming words) but seriously, kidding aside,  I think I need extra income! Not that I’m complaining with my current work but it’s just not enough for my “needs” (i’m not even whining about my wants yet but even for my needs, i always come short)… I just… I want to plan something special and  I’ve got a lot of  fun plans in my head, but I’m just too broke that it kinda holds me back since the question here is how will or how do I sustain that happiness? 

sabi nga ng kaibigan ko “buti pa si Angelica Panganiban nauuna maubos ang pasensya —ako kasi pera eh, kaya pla ang haba ng pasensya ko” - Karl Bautista


I don’t know if it’s just me but every first day of the year seems so awkward to me… My family or I suppose every family tries too hard or at least wants this day to be extra ordinary well in fact it’s just another day, but different year. what’s so special about it?

People wants to have a fresh jump start, a cleaner slate…People then suddenly decides to quit their old habits… “THE” grand hanging question there is, until when can people hold on to that so-called new year’s resolution of theirs? 

I mean until when can you say no to god damn pork? to nicotine? to shopping? All of those tempting sin?! 

Well, my January 1?  Semi ordinary, Semi- interesting! 

Welcomed it with food, fireworks and beer! 


Then we had too much variety of food for lunch and also a lot of plates to wash!


Then the rest of the day got so boring so I doodled my emotions away, talked to my bf,  and watched series from my laptop…


As I said earlier the day was too boring to handle  so ergo’s my first set of vain photos for the year… 


Then to cap the first of January, Our family ate the most unhealthy food in the world (undeniably!! ) what else but, BURGER!! (God bless America for Burgers)


Then here comes the semi interesting part, The car we were using had flat tires all along so we had to seek help from Kuya Ga, my dad’s driver to rescue us!


Good thing, the place we stopped by is a korean grocery store and so what else to buy but korean ice cream!


That was it! my semi-boring/interesting welcome for 2013! what’s yours? do you have any resolutions (to break towards the middle of 2013)? *ehem*

Mine, well, like every girls, the word DIET! 

Lookin’ back on the things I’ve done…

I was tryin’ to be someone, CHAROT! (Kumanta na lang?!) 

But kidding aside, I think this is the proper time I should be thanking 2012 right? Now is the time to reminisce, emote, rejoice and as my title says, it’s the perfect time to look back on the things we have done for twenty fuckin twelve! (Whether it is something to be proud of or NOT)

It was this year when I graduated with pretty much decent grades, won print ad category, accomplished 2 sets of short film, finished thesis, my ex broke up with me, had a freelance job offer from one of the biggest ad agency, became a legit copywriter for a month, wrote for Coca Cola and Jollibee, settled for a much more stabled job in production, met a lot of new faces, now independently manages and earns own money, sadly stopped blogging (huhu), and to cap my year off, I met someone who makes me super duper happy and in love! 

So 2012, you’ve been an insane freaking year just like a roller-coaster ride. You’ve given me a lot of ups and downs during the 366 love-and-hate relationship of us and I’m sure this applies to every single person right there who’s reading my post. Ergo my left hand’s raising cheers to everybody who survived the so-called 2012 apocalypse! 

Tonight, when the clock strikes 12, I’m letting go all the bad vibes and noise it all out and start the year with a clean slate! 

Hello 2013! (Too lazy to support this with photographs so..yes, my post is boringgg) hope my 2013 isn’t tho! 

So ready and excited to accomplish my abandoned 2012 bucket list! :)