Since, I have a very light errands today, sketch time! :) (Taken with Instagram)

Since, I have a very light errands today, sketch time! :) (Taken with Instagram)

balderdash post.

So what the hell have I been up to these days?

Actually, nothing that is of blog-worthy and I think that’s the main reason why I’ve been mute the past few days… (well that is, if in case you noticed) Yes, i became boring as fuck and forgot how to be awesome around people.  like have you ever felt like you’re the friend everybody secretly hates? :( For some reason, I shunned my craziness and allowed my serious side to overpower the nakakaloka version of me. 

Not that I’m emo, but I don’t know who I am anymore especially towards other people. I am hoping tho,  that soon, I can replenish some burning passion again in anything and everything I do and will be doing.

But for the meantime, since blog is my last option to resort my emo-ness (due to tight sched) , i diverted my emotions into simple sketches instead (since my notebook is beside me most of the time @ work)

and by the way, I miss being called ‘kekx’ because at work they call me KRISTEN or even KIRSTEN. lol


I can almost feel how close our graduation is. The closer it gets the more errands I need to work on and this coming October we will be having our graduation photo taken already including of course the creative shot. and what I want for my creative shot is Rosie the Riveter.

Rosie the Riveter : She became a symbol for women who took jobs replacing the men in military during World War I. The photo on the right btw, was Miss Geraldyne Doyle who became the inspiration for the poster.

I don’t want to choose any princess-ish character or any mythical theme look because when I grow old and have children I want to show them my year book and I would be able to tell them why I chose Rosie the Riveter for my creative shot.

Also, I believe that what I have become during my college days is a modern version of her, in a sense that I became Independent in so many ways that I have not done during my younger-ish years. Since I studied in an all girls school, I learned how to enhance my strength as a woman. 

Anyhow, In my creative shot, I want to modernize it and make it look like this: